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Warrensburg NY History


WARRENSBURG, originally know as "the Bridge" because of the 70' drop in the Schroon River for water power necessary for the lumber and tanning industries.

Farming was a necessity for the settlers, but it was relative small farms compared to the lumber and tannery businesses that brought in settlers from the lower Hudson Valley and New England.  William Bond was the first settler in 1786 near Echo Lake.   Industries like sawmills developed, and the Dudley Farlin mill was sawing 3 million feet of lumber using 70 saws and all powered by water.  Other mills were built later including grist mills, and potash production.   The first public hospitality with the lodging house was built in 1789 by James Pit. 

Warrensburgh incorporated in 1813, and the first town meeting was held on April 4, 1813.   It is interesting to note the office postings included Overseers of the Poor, Fence Viewers, Poundmaster, Pathmasters, as well a s the conventional town clerk, assessors, highway commissioners, constable and collector.  Records  of 186 state  "The village contains some 700 inhabitants and has two pubic houses, ten stores, a tine and stone establishments, two tailors, four book and shoe stores, two saddle and harness makers, two wagon and sleigh makers, two cabinet shops, a sash and blind factory, three physicians, two lawyers, three churches, two district schools and a a flourishing academy."

On May 9, 1894, Warrensburgh dropped the 'h' in their name per suggestive orders of the US Postal office.  

Some notable names in history found their way to Warrensburg.  Floyd Bennett (1890-1928) was a local hero.   First an airplane mechanic then pilot for the US Navy, we was selected to become the first plane to the North Pole in 1926.  He and his commander, Richard Bryd, received the Medal of Honor from President Calvin Coolidge.    Floyd is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery.  Other familiar name might be "Oscar Smoke House" well known now as "Oscar's Hickory House by many.  Oscar Quintal and his wife Edith moved the this area in 1942 and opened the original smoke house.  After two fires, a new 'green' building was built and the business is still thriving.  Products have been eaten in the White house, and Lake George's native TV personality Rachael Ray often promotes them on her shows.

Louis Emerson (1857-1924), in 1879 was partner in the Empire Shirt Company making 100,000 dozen shirts a year; he later partnered to open Warrensburg Woolen Mills which was famous for the Warrensburg Wool Plants, coats and blankets.  He also got involved in the Republican party and became NY State Senator from 1890- to 1893, and in 1900 elected to US Congressmen for two terms serving under Presidents McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt.   

Another Emerson, James Emerson (1865-1922)  was elected to NY State Senate in 1906, and pushed for a 'trunk highway' from NYC to Rouses Point.  Route 9.  He also supported the fishing resources and got state money to build the fish hatchery.  He served for 12 years. 

Today Warrensburg is considered a hospitality town, due to their lodging, quiet non-commercial location to visit and vacation   The scenic beauty and recreational opportunities are connected to the mountains, lakes and rivers.  The town hosts a public beach on Echo lake, and hiking trails to Hackensack Mountain, a 18 hold golf course, downhill ski area at Hickory Hill, and the Schroon and Hudson rivers provide rafting and tubing excitement.