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   HAGUE, originally named Rochester, and taken from Bolton in 1807; from Caldwell NE. 30 miles.

"Rogers Rock is on the west side of Lake George, in the northeastern border of the town, 2 miles from the outlet. It rises out of the water at an angle of more than forty-five degrees to the height of 3 or 400 feet. The face of the rock for more than 100 feet is a perfectly smooth slide, reaching from top to bottom. This rock derives its name from the following incident. During the winter of 1758, Major Rogers was one of a party which was surprised and put to flight by the Indians at the outlet of the lake. Rogers came alone to the summit of this rock, whither he knew the Indians would follow him by his tracks in the snow, and where he could prevent pursuit by a singular stratagem. Throwing his pack down the precipice, he slipped off his snow shoes, and without changing their position, turned himself about and again put them on his feet. Thus equipped, he retreated several rods along the southern brow of the rock. The Indians coming to the spot went no further, as they saw the two tracks both leading the same way and apparently made by two persons who had come to the precipice, and chosen to throw themselves off rather than fall into the hands of their pursuers. Meanwhile Rogers made good his descent to the foot of the rock, where he resumed his pack, and escaped on the ice to the head of the lake.

"Sabbath-day Point is a low neck of land stretching into Lake George from the western shore, 3 miles from the little village of Hague. On Sabbath-day Point, Lord Amherst with his army stopped for refreshment upon the morning of the Sabbath, and gave this beautiful spot the name by which it is known. It is a charming place, and susceptible of great embellishment. In the summer of 1756, a small body of provincials who had retreated to this point defeated a superior force of French and Indians, who had attacked them in gunboats."



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