Historical Towns

Bolton NY History

Bolton was established from territorial lands of Thurman in 1799, and in 1813 was elected in the town the Warren County.  Bolton is the oldest town on Lake George shores.    Boltonís early settlers arrived from Vermont for farmland and opportunities.  Before the civil war, steamboats traveled the lake taking passengers and commerce.  Boltonís first inn, The Mohican, became taking in travelers.  Commerce increased to logging, making potash, mining and ice harvesting. 

Bolton lands saw both the French and Indian wars and Revolutionary War.  In 1757, French General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm camped on Tongue Mountain (the highest elevation in Bolton) in preparation for the attack on Fort William Henry.   In 1776, Colonial Lt. Col. Henry Knox passed through Bolton with cannons on his way to Bolton to drive out the British soldiers.  In 1791, Thomas Jefferson traveled through Boltonís water and recorded Boltonís magnificent scenery.

It is said that about 20 families were baptized at Mormon Rock and then began their migration westward.  Wealthy Bolton land owner, John Tanner, later joined this group to Salt Lake and became a prominent member of the Mormon movement .  100 years later, Mormon Rock and its surrounding area became the site of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps).

After the civil war, expansion of the hotels and large estates began, and the hamlet of Bolton, called Bolton Landings, grew to the largest in the town and shifted its economy to tourism.    Boltonís shoreline became popular with fine hotels, one being the Sagamore.   Fires took their toll, and the Sagamore suffered two fires which burned it to the ground. 

Between the gay í90 and to the outbreak of the WWWI, Bolton experience a building boom and created what is termed the Millionaireís row.  In 1914, the World Champion Gold Cup races came to Boltonís waters.   Also many artists were attracted to the area, such as Madame Homer, a soloist at the Metropolitan Opera, Sculptor David Smith and Dorothy Dehner. 

Bolton continues to attract tourism and seasonal residence as the shoreline is just too irresistible.   Todayís full-time population is just over 2,000 but it will grow 10 fold during the summer

Bolton has hamlets of Bolton Landing, North Bolton, and Riverbank.  Bolton shares Lake George shoreline (with Northwest Bay, Boon Bay, Green Island, and Basin Bay) and hosts Trout Lake and the Tongue Mountain Range.