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Below are local business in the Ticonderoga, Crown Point, and small nearby towns near the beautiful shores of our majestic Lake Champlain and Lake George that visitors, property owners, and expecting property owner may find helpful.    Please explore "The Land Between Two Lakes".  Underlined postings include hyper link for your convenience.   Please visit and patronize Adirondack businesses so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.


If you are a local business/organization, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park, please contact us so we can post your business or organization (FREE).   By sharing, we better our world.  If you see a broken link, or a moved business, please help us police your list so we can better serve you.  Thanks so much!



A       Area Code (518)
  A Cut Above Hair Style Hinds Road Ticonderoga 585-6500
  A-C Electric Iroquois Ave Ticonderoga 585-7171
  A-T Morette Electric Cossey Street Ticonderoga 585-7922
  Achieve Fitness 2040 Creek Rd Crown Point  
  Adirondack Camp 302 Warrick Road Putnam Station  
  Adirondack Connections, LLC (guide service) 136 Warner Hill Road Ticonderoga  
  Adirondack Country Cabins 14157 Route 22 Clemons  
  Adirondack Country Log Homes Old Chilson Hill Road Ticonderoga 585-7358
  Adirondack Country Treasures (resale) Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-9066
  Adirondack Hair Creations Champlain Ave Ticonderoga 585-9798
  Adirondack Dental Health 3 Mount Defiance Street Ticonderoga 585-2864
  Adirondack Lanes (bowling) Hague Road Ticonderoga 585-6851
  Adirondack Paint Horse Farm 278 Canfield Road Ticonderoga 585-4466
  Adirondack Trailways (Bus)     800-858-8555
  Adirondack Waste Management 963 NYS Rte 9N Ticonderoga 585-3336
  Advance Auto Parts NYS Route 9N Ticonderoga 585-3427
  Agency Insurance 165 Champlain Ave Ticonderoga 585-6374
  Agway Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-7888
  All Phase Electric Route 9N Ticonderoga 800-652-5468
  American Legion Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6220
  Amerigas Propane 151 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  Amy Hill Arsenal Amy Hill Road Crown Point 597-4363
  Angela's Hairstyling for Men & Women Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6811
  Assemby of Good Water Street Ticonderoga 585-7431
  Aubuchon Hardware 131  Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  B&S Construction Sugar Hill Crown Point 597-4248
  Belfred Liquors N. Way Ave Ticonderoga 585-7000
  Black Watch Memorial Library 99 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-7380
  Brennan, Dr. Bill,  D.D.S. 23 Father Joques Place Ticonderoga 585-6728
  Bridge Deli Mart Bridge Road Crown Point 597-4447
  Bushlea Farm Shore Airport Road Ticonderoga 585-6326
  Busby Construction William Bain Road Putnam Station 547-8427
  Butler, William CPA Baldwin Road Ticonderoga 585-7402
  Carney & Breitenbach, Atty's  12 Father Jogues Place Ticonderoga 585-2881
  Carrara, Joseph P & Sons (concrete)   Crown Point 597-3680
  Casella Waste Systems 533 Exchange Street Middlebury, VT  
  Catlin's Farm Supply Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-3300
  Chamber of Commerce (check out the events!)      
  Champlain National Bank 2687 Main Street Crown Point  
  Champlain Valley Heating & Plumbing  Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  Champs General Store Bridge Street Crown Point 597-9779
  Charter One Bank (Branch)   Ticonderoga 585-6066
  Christopher Chevrolet 1111 Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-3350
  Citizen's Bank Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  Clark Patterson Associates 94 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  Cobblers Bench 116 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-7952
  Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service Creek Road Crown Point 597-3949
  Country Florist & Gifts, The Mount Hope Avenue Ticonderoga  
  Country Mile Magazine PO Box 249 Crown Point 866-843-4373
  Cornerstone Alliance Church Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6391
  Crown Point      
  • Highway, 597-3233
  • Assessor, 597-4140
  • Town Clerk, 597-3235
  • Justice, 597-4144
  • Waste Plant, 597-4350
  Crown Point Bible Church Creek Road Crown Point 597-3318
  Crown Point Car Wash & Laundromat Main Street Crown Point 597-4224
  Crown Point State Historical Site Bridge Road Crown Point 597-4667
  Crown Point United Methodist Church Creek Road Crown Point 597-4305
  Culture & Societies      
  Curves Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-3626
  Rudgers, Dave 15 Father Jogues Place Ticonderoga 585-6737
  Dennis C. Hens, R.P.T, Physical Therapy Father Joques Place Ticonderoga 585-2887
  Duval Farm Trimble Road Crown Point 597-3215
  E. F. Nolan Building Contractor 344 Baldwin Road Ticonderoga 585-6819
  Evolve, LLC   Ticonderoga 585-7043
  Essex County Fish Hatchery Creek Road Crown Point 597-3844
  Evieta Salon Main Street Crown Point 597-9449
  Evolve Business (computer repair, walk-in Internet) Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-7043

Eye Care Associates

102 Race Track Road Ticonderoga 585-6000
  Family Dollar Store Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-9984
  First Baptist Church 108 The Portage Ticonderoga 585-7107
  First United Methodist Church Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-7995
  Fort Ticonderoga Fort Road Ticonderoga 585-2821
  Fun Spots      
  Gallant, Michael, Esq. Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6755
  Gallo's Pit Stop & Service Station Wicker Road Ticonderoga 585-2866

Glens Falls National Bank

100 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  Global Gas 69 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-7951
  Green Thumb Inc., Region 5 (employment training) Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-2736
  Grinnell Construction 17 Grace Ave Ticonderoga 585-7343
  Guardian by Generac Power - Morette Cossey Street Ticonderoga 585-7922
  Gunning Agency, Inc 98 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  Gunnison Orchards Route 9N & 22N Crown Point 597-3834
  Hammond Library Main Street Crown Point 597-3616
  Hancock House (home of Ti Historical Society) 6 Moses Circle Ticonderoga 585-7868
  Hap's Market   Crown Point 597-3040
  Harding Law Firm Mosswood Way Putnam Station 800-353-4555
  Head Hunters Hair Salon Lake George Ave Ticonderoga 585-2800
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  Ida, Patrick (CPA 15 Montcalm Ticonderoga 585-6530
  Inter-lakes Health - Moses Ludington Hospital 1019 Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-2831
  Inter-Lakes Medical Supply Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-3734
  International Paper Company Shore Airport Road Ticonderoga  
  James H. Hock, O.T.R. Services 6 Father Jogues Place Ticonderoga 585-2887
  Jay's Sunoco Montcalm/Champlain Ave Ticonderoga 585-6534
  JP Sports 94 Montcalm Street   585-2504
  John McDonald 193 Trout Brook Road   585-2631
  Julie's Beauty Shoppe The Portage Ticonderoga 585-6328
  Knights of Columbus Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6520
  Lakeside Massage Therapy Route 9N Ticonderoga 585-7520
  Leverage Solutions, LLC 257 Middle Road Crown Point  
  Log Chapel Fellowship Route 22 Putnam 585-2160
  Lonergan's Antiques Route 9N , 337 Hague Road Ticonderoga 585-4477
  Lord Howe Valley Farm   Ticonderoga 585-3009
  Maye Auto Richard Creek Road Crown Point 597-3828
  McCabe's Store Middle Road Crown Point 597-4475
  McDonald, John - Esq. Algonkin Road Ticonderoga 585-263
  McDonald's of Ticonderoga Route 9N, 22 & 74 Ticonderoga 585-7714
  Merfield Electric 63 Backus Lane Putnam Station 547-8730
  Mero Kevin & Vicki  (loggers) Round Pond Road Crown Point 597-3674
  Midway Body Shop Route 9N & 22 Crown Point 597-3030
  Montcalm Liquors, Inc. 16 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6025
  Moore's Lumber & Building Supplies Hague Road Ticonderoga 585-2818
  Muller, Catherine Energy Mgt Conservation Consultant Crown Point 597-3403
  Nadeau's Farm & Garden Market Hague Road Ticonderoga 585-6757
  Norm's Bait & Tackle Lake Champlain Bridge Crown Point 597-3645
  North Country Community College 113 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  North Country Home Services 18 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga  
  Optics Limited 102 Racetrack Road Ticonderoga 585-4000
  Parkside Antiques 2073 Creek Road Crown Point Ticonderoga 597-9207
  Patricia's (clothing) Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-7235
  Past Time Stamps 344 Champlain Ave Ticonderoga  
  Pat Armstrong, Excavating 120 Race Track Road Ticonderoga 585-7579
  Patrick Ida, CPA 15 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6530
  Penfield Homestead Museum (also see museum)   Penfield 597-3804
  Pioneer Cleaning   Port Henry 546-7539
  Poorman's Paradise (fishing tackle) George Mason Road Crown Point 597-3812
  Porters Mill Hardware & Feed Route 9N Crown Point 597-3265
  Press of America 174 Lake George Avenue Ticonderoga  
  Puppy Patch Grooming 172 Champlain Ave Ticonderoga 585-2680
  Putnam United Presbyterian Church Lower Road Putnam Station 547-8378
  R A White Construction   Ticonderoga 585-7808
  Rafferty Dale Contracting Route 9N Ticonderoga 585-5243
  Rathbun Jewelers 110 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-2244
  Reale Construction Co. Inc. Chilson Middle Road Ticonderoga 585-6782
  Relocation Assistance      
  Riverside Village Salon Montcalm Ave Ticonderoga 585-2775
  Rocky Top Farm 12 Rocky Top Way Ticonderoga 546-8646
  Roxie's Hairworks Montcalm Ave Ticonderoga 585-2557
  St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center Court Street Ticonderoga 585-7934
  St. Mary's Catholic Church 12 Father Joques Place Ticonderoga 585-7144
  Sammis, Harold (Chiropractor) Street Road Ticonderoga 585-2225
  Sacred Heart Church Main Street Crown Point 597-3924
  Sentinal Construction   Ticonderoga 585-3515
  Slab Hollow Chimney Sweep Bradford Hill Road Crown Point 597-3640
  Snug Harbor Marina 92 Black Point Road Ticonderoga 585-2628
  Societies and Organizations      
  Steam Systems Inc. Alexandria Heights Ticonderoga 585-7897
  Strictly Business Professional Service Middle Road Crown Point 597-4292
  Strober Building Supply 884 NYS Route 9N Ticonderoga 585-2818
  Suburban Energy Services   Ticonderoga 585-2811
  Substance Abuse Prevention Team of Essex Moses Circle Ticonderoga 585-7424
  Sunshine Car Wash 1203 NYS Route 9N Ticonderoga 585-6188
  Sunshine Dry Cleaning & Laundry 88 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6188
  SW&B Construction Corp. Shore Airport Road Ticonderoga 585-5449
  T I Mobil Mart Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-3577
  The Country Florist & Gifts 24 Mt. Hope Ave Ticonderoga 800-762-0766
  Thread Heads Inc. Amherst Ave Ticonderoga 585-2178
  Ti Barber Shop Champlain Ave Ticonderoga 585-2321
  • Assessor 585-5285
  • Beach, 585-3296
  • Bldg. Inspector, 585-9851
  • Fire Dept (non emergency) 585-3456
  • Health, 585-9056
  • Police (non emergency) 585-3456
  • Supervisor, 585-6365
  • Town Clerk, 585-6677
  • Justice, 585-7501
  • Water Dept, 585-6144
  Ticonderoga Animal Hospital 11 Shore Airport Road Ticonderoga 585-6232
  Ticonderoga Assembly of God 28 Water Street Ticonderoga 585-8840
  Ticonderoga Auto Works Alexandria Ave Ticonderoga 585-6770
  Ticonderoga Cartoon Museum   Ticonderoga 585-7015
  Ticonderoga Chamber of Commerce Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-6619
  Ticonderoga Country Club Hague Road Ticonderoga 585-2801
  Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union 1178 NYS Rte 9N Ticonderoga  
  Ticonderoga Festival Guild 121 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-676
  Ticonderoga Fire Com. Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-7771
  Ticonderoga Health Center   Ticonderoga 585-6708
  Ticonderoga Historical Society      
  Ticonderoga Machine & Welding Corp Race Trace Road Ticonderoga 585-7444
  Tierney Industrial & Environmental Mt. Hope Ave Ticonderoga 585-1044
  Tony's Hair Loft Main Street Crown Point 597-3088
  Tony's Ti Sports Rte 9N & 22 Ticonderoga 585-6364
  Triumph Auto Glass   Ticonderoga 800-452-7025
  Two Brothers Meat Market Montcalm Ave Ticonderoga 585-2522
  Twombley's Small Engine Repair Pearl Street Crown Point 597-3044
  Ultramar Energy Inc 232 Alexandria Avenue Ticonderoga 800-956-1110
  United Presbyterian Church 265 Cty Route 2 Putnam 547-8378
  Upstate Home Respiratory Hague Road Ticonderoga 585-4489
  Utility Companies      
  Video King Tops Plaza Ticonderoga 585-9052
  Village Auto Main Street Crown Point 597-4600
  Viscardi Howe & Rudgers - Esq. Father Joques Place Ticonderoga 585-6737
  Walmart NYS Rte 9N Ticonderoga 585-3060
  Waterways & Marinas      
  Washboard Antiques & Collectibles 1042 Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-6322
  Winchip Over-Head Doors Co. Montcalm Street Ticonderoga 585-615
  Wilcox & Regan Algonkin Ticonderoga 585-7323
  Witherbee's AC Refrigeration & Associated Services Hague Ticonderoga 585-6332
  Wicker Ford 1080 Wicker Street Ticonderoga 585-2888
  Wind-Chill Factory NYS Rte. 9N/Alexandria Ticonderoga 585-3044


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