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Welcome to the Adirondacks in upstate New York State.  Living in the Adirondack Park is one of the best nature’s 4 season area to live in the US.  Of course, us Adirondacker’s are a bit prejudice and for good cause, there are many flavors to explore in our 6M acre park.   If you are thinking of one day relocating or retiring to this part of the country, below are some tools to help you in your decision making process*.  This feature is all part of our interactive forum, called “In and Around the Adirondack Park.”  

We welcome contributions.  If you find a site that might be useful to our other readers, please submit your link.  Thank you.  “By sharing, we can better our world.”   E-mail us for our relocation package to help you get started!  Welcome to the Adirondacks!




Burlington VT (& other local VT airports)

Canadian Airports (Montreal)
Saranac Lake - Adirondack Regional Airport

Other airport information - presented by our 'Rentals'



Demographic Sites

Government Census:
Warren County:
National Demographic Info



Job SearchTools
Retail Jobs
Green Thumb Inc. 111 Montcalm, Ticonderoga (518) 585-2736




School Reports


Government Reports:
Greater School Reports:


Health Care Locations & Services

Adirondack Medical Center:


Hudson Headwaters Health Network (local health centers):
Lake Champlain Region:

Malone Medical Facilities:
Massena Medical Facilities:
Plattsburgh Medical Facilities:
Ticonderoga Hospital:


Albany Medical Center Albany Medical Center
Albany VA Medical Center Four Winds Hospital (Saratoga)
Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home (Groversville) Saratoga Hospital 
Glens Falls Hospital  

News Feed Updates

Kiplinger Reports "8 signs you're ready to buy your first home" (pdf file)




Adirondack Family Movers 353 Country Route 41, Hudson Falls, NY 518-583-0193
Nat'l Movers
Nat'l Movers
Mullen Moving & Storage 79 Broad Street, Glens Falls - 518-792-9991
NorthAmerican 1-800-622-MOVE(6683) - Glens Falls, NY
Penskie Truck Rental Glens Falls/Queensbury 518-792-1092
U-Haul Co. 112 Main Street, Glens Falls, 518-793-5126
U-Haul Co. 6210 SR 9 North Hadley 518-696-5621
U-Haul Co. 81 Dix Ave, Queensbury, 518-798-7439
U-Haul Co. Route 9, South Glens Falls, 518-743-0579
Upstate North Country Movers 94 Big Boom Road, Queensbury, NY 518-792-1550


Review our translation services

Citizen & Immigration Services


Relocating your Business, or Family?

Tour our Chambers of Commerce and Local Town Sites.  For a full list click here.

Tips to Remember:

  • Advise everybody concerned of your move (see list at the bottom)
  • Notify utilities such as telephone, cable, gas & electric when to discontinue service.
  • Have utility companies read your meters.
  • Plan in advance for services at your new residence, such as utilities, landscaping, snow removal, etc.
  • Make moving arrangements as far ahead as possible.
  • Whenever possible, try to move at times other than at the very beginning or very end of the month as these are the busiest dates.
  • Before moving, arrange to have all items being cleaned, repaired or stored returned to you or delivered to your new residence.


    • Friends & relatives

    • Newspaper delivery

    • Laundry and dry-cleaning service

    • Bottled water company

    • Utility companies (Electric, Gas and Oil)

    • Telecommunication (telephone, cellular, cable, satellite, internet…)

    • Lawyer

    • Accountant

    • Magazines subscription(s)

    • Post office (organize forwarding information)

    • Insurance company

    • Credit Cards & Credit Bureau

    • Banks (transfer bank accounts)

    • Request transfer of medical and dental records

    • Drivers license bureau & vehicle registration

    • Transfer bank accounts

    • Arrange for transfer of school records

    • Health insurance


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 *  DISCLOSURE Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. is not affiliated with any of the above businesses, organizations or events, nor can  vouch for the quality,  and is NOT responsible for the actions  of the above parties.  This is brought as a public service message only.