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A dirondack Hiking Directory

The Adirondack Park is a mix of private and public lands (6 million acres).  The backcountry acreage is enormous and the Adirondacks has the largest trail system in the nation with more than 2,000 miles of trails.  Enjoy the glory of hiking the Adirondacks - nature's solitude, unbroken forest, lakes and mountains.  Take the path less taken. 

Also think about joining our 46er' club.  What's that about?  Check it out the 46'er directory! Also, the Adirondack Park is restoring some of our fire towers!

When traveling, please always remember safety.   Suit up and plan your hike thoroughly.  Adirondack weather can shift, and the forest have a lot of wildlife to enjoy and RESPECT.  Hike in numbers, or make a safety plan.  Resources are provided below.  Also visit our Adirondack Fire Tower (see below). 




Blueberry Cobbles (3.8 miles - easy) & Ball Peak (7.8 miles difficult)

Hurricane Mountain (5.2 miles difficult)



Glens Falls Region

Glens Falls Feeder Canal

Glens Falls & Queensbury


Gurney Lane Nature Trail - Gurney Ln, Queensbury


Crandall Park Int'l Trail System, Route 9

Glens Falls



Gore Mountain Region

Warren County Nature Trail System

 Hudson Ave



Dynamite Hill Nature Trail

(.5 miles) easy,

 Route 8 Chestertown

Pack Demonstration Forest

Route 9 & 28


(2500 acre environmental Demo Forest) 518-623-9679

Carol A. Thomas Memorial Walk, North Creek


Crane Mountain trail at Garnet Lake Road, Johnsburg


Gore Mountain.

Peaceful Valley Road, North Creek



Keene/Keene Valley

Baxter Mountain (2.2 miles - moderate

Blueberry Mountain (4.8 miles - difficult)

Cathedral Rocks/Bear Run Loop  (4 miles, moderate)

Indian Head (8 miles, moderate)

Owls Head (1.3 miles, easy)

Round Mountain Loop (5 miles, moderate)

Snow Mountain (3.4 miles, moderate)


Lake Champlain Region

Belfry Mtn. (.4 miles, easy w/fire tower) Valcour Island Perimeter Trail (5.7 miles) Valcour Island Nomad Trail (2.1 miles of the interior) and 1 mile water crossing from Peru boat launch, site of naval battle, add'l 7 mile trails, easy
Poke-O-Moonshine Mtn. (1.9 miles w/fire tower & campground) Lyon Mtn (5 miles w/fire tower) International Views Snake Den Bay Outlook Trail
Four Ponds - Lincoln Pond - Mineville area (Tanaher Pond, Mill Pond, Murrey Ponds, Russett Ponds) Morehouse Bridge to Boquet, Essex (3.1 miles, easy) Sunrise Trail to Mt. Gilligan (1.l mile, steady climb with great outlooks)
Lake Alice (3 miles, easy) Chazy, wildlife mgt. sites Silver Lake Mtn. (1.8 miles easy) lake views are outstanding, off Silver Lk. Rd, and Silver Lake Bog (2.5 miles, easy) Ausable Marsh (3 miles, easy) at Ausable Point Campground, great bird watching
Lewis Preserve (5.6 miles easy), civil war charcoal kilns, foundations, stone fences, north of Danamora Keeseville - Walking Guide to Keeseville's Historic District, call 518-834-9606 Ausable Chasm - famous waterfalls, 'a must do' (admission fee)
Clintonvile Pine Barrens - (Nature Conservancy Preserve), 900 acre pine barren, guide trail at trailhead Plattsburgh - Historical Walking Tour, famous battles, call 518-563-1000 Point Au Rouche State Park (8 miles trail network, easy) views of Champlain
  Cook Mtn. Preserve - 200 acre preserve, off Baldwin Road, Ticonderoga  
Titbit:  NY State Canal System consist of 4 segments; the 70-mile Erie Canal Trail between Lockport and Fairport; the 36 mile Old Erie Canal State Park Trail between Rome and DeWitt; the 25 mile Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway between Cohoes and Rotterdam and the 8 mile Glens Falls Feeder Canal Trail between Glens Falls and Fort Edward.  The Canal System connects the Great Lakes with the Hudson River and five waterways into Canada. (reported by the Lake George Guide, 2006)  NYS Canal System - 800 4CANAL5

Lake George Region

Buck Mountain (6 miles RT), off Pilot Knob Road

Lake George

Prospect Mountain (4 miles RT), off Smith Street

Lake George

Hadley Mountain (2 miles RT), off Hadley Hill Road

Lake Luzerne

Lake George Land Conservancy Preserve & Trails

Lake Shore Drive

Lake George

Blue Ledges (2.2 miles RT) off North Woods Club Road

Cat & Thomas Mt. Preserve, (enter Bolton Landing)


Lake George Rec Park

Route 9N

Lake George

Warren County Nature Trail System, Hudson Street




Lake Placid/Saranac Lake/Raybrook

Cascade Mtn. (4.8 miles, moderate)

Mt. Jo (2.3 miles, moderate)

Mt. Van Hoevenberg (4.4 miles, moderate)

Balance Rocks on Pitchoff Mtn. (3.2 miles, moderate)

Avalanche Pass & Lake (8.8 miles, moderate)

Rocky Falls (* 4.8 miles, moderate)

Haystack Mountain (6.5 miles, moderate)

Mt. Baker, (1.8 miles moderate)

Scarface Mountain (6.6 miles, moderate)

Ampersand Mtn, Rt 3 west (5.4 miles RT - steep climb to summit)

Bloomingdale Bog Trail (7.5 miles RT) past Adk. Med. Center, easy hike or mtn. bike

Middle Saranac Lake (1.5 miles RT), Rt 3, easy stroll


Blue Ledge (5 miles, easy)

Camp Santanoni (9 miles, moderate) Also visit Great Camp Santanoni

Hewitt Pond-Stony Pond (6 miles, moderate

Goodnow Mountain (3.8 miles, moderate w/fire tower)

Vanderwhacker Mtn. (5.8 miles, difficulty w/fire tower)

Calamity Brook to Flowed Land (9.4 miles, moderate)

Indian Pass & Wallface Mtn. (8.8 miles, moderate & rugged 1.2 miles)

Cold River Horse Trail System (between Rt. 28N at Newcomb)


Old Forge

Bald Mtn Trail (off Rt 28, 4 miles past Visitor's Center) great views, 1 mile hike Bubb Lake & Sis Lake, 2.3 mile hike, access Rt 28, 2 scenic lakes Cascade Lake, 4.6 mile round trip, swim, canoe, camp, fish & waterfalls, easy grades, parking
Fly Pond, across from Rondax Rd & Bald Mtn. Parking area, scenic mtn. & pond Moss Lake, Big Moose Rd in Eagle Bay, 2.5 mile loop hike, level, canoe, camp, fish & swim Town of Web Visitors Info Center


Fern Park, South Shore Rd, Inlet (easy to difficult) Catholic Press (.5 mile easy),  Rt 28 Inlet trailhead Ferd's Bog (.4 mile, floating boardwalk) Uncas Rd @ Eagle Bay
Rocky Mtn. Summit (.6 miles, intermediate) Rt 28, Inlet Black Bear Mtn. Summit (3.5 miles steep, 2.1 difficult), Rt. 28, Inlet Uncas Black Bear Mtn. Trail (2.2 miles to summit, intermediate, trails continues to Bug Lake 3.1 & Eagle's Nest 3.8 miles)
Mosse Lake (3.8 miles easy) Big MooseRd, Eagle Bay - also serves as trailhead to Bubb Lake, 1.5 miles & Sis Lake 2.5 miles    

Paul Smith - St. Regis

Debar Pond (.6 miles, easy), off Rt 99 Everton Falls (Nature Conservancy Preserve), waterfall just off road, and 10 mile stillwater trip.  Trail guides available St. Regis River Hydro Site (.5 miles, easy) waterfalls & rapids viewing
White Pine Camp (2.5 miles, admission for guided walk) Adk. Great Camp on Osgood Pond Adirondack Park Visitors Interpretive Center at Paul Smiths, 518-327-3000 Azure Mtn. (1 miles, moderate) - fire tower, off Blue Mtn. Road
Jenkins Mtn. (8.4 miles, difficult) contact Interpretive Center @ Paul
Elephant Head (1 mile, moderate) Isolated hilltop with views, off Rt 30 Red Dot Trail (2.5 mile loop near Osgood Pond, easy)

St. Lawrence (Star Lake, Cranberry Lake, Fine, Colton)

Clear Pond, (6.6 miles moderate) incl. Lilypad Pond, Long Pond, picturesque glacial ponds , south of Parishville

Tooley Pond Mtn. (2.5 miles, moderate, former fire tower, parking area, west of Cranberry Lake

Streeter Lake (8 miles, moderate or 1 mile easy), 2 trailheads, south of Star Lake

Stone Valley Recreation Area (7.5 mile loop, easy to moderate), rapids, waterfalls, gorges, rock outcroppings, Raquette River) below Colton dam

Grass River Waterfalls (easy), South Branch for great waterfalls, public access, north of Cranberry Lake

Wolf Lake (5 mile loop, moderate) interesting trail around rocks, lakes & bluff overlooking Huckleberry Lake, in Edward


Greenwood Creek (1.8 mile)


Schroon Lake

Bear Pond Loop (5 miles, easy)

Grizzle Ocean (5 miles, easy)

Pharoah Lake (7.2 miles, moderate)

Pharaoh Mtn. (11.3 miles, difficult) + 100 miles of trails

Rock Pond Mine (*5.4 miles, moderate)

Severance Hill (2 miles, moderate)

Treadway Mtn., (*7.8 miles, moderate)

Hoffman Notch Traverse (7.6 miles, difficult)

Crane Pond Road w/ Goose Pond, Long Swing Trails (moderate)

Sucker Brook Horse Trail - village of Adirondack




Cook Mtn. Preserve (2.6 miles, easy)

La Chute Trail (.5 miles, easy)

Washington County

Black Mt. Range (@ Pilot Knob, overlooks Lk. George)




Coon Mountain Preserve (2 miles, easy, bushwhack 246 acre preserve)

Split Rock Mtn. (6.5 miles, moderate)



Support Services

Adirondack Mountain Club - (Kids on Trails, Fire Towers, Adk. Guides, Maps & more)

Adirondack Maps (Delorme, Topo Maps, Geogical Service Maps)

Hamilton County Tourism, 800-648-5239 (ask for the "Adirondack Great Walks & Day Hikes")

State-wide Emergency Search & Rescue/Fire Hot Line 518-891-0235


Fire Towers - Scenic hikes

Adirondack Fire Towers

46'er Club Mountain Challenges

46'ers Club


Backcountry Hiking Rules

Courtesy of NYSCEC


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