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Great Glens Falls Business Directory


 Below are local business in the Greater Glens Falls Region.  If you are visiting, or plan to stay, please explore*.   Underlined postings include hyper link for your convenience.    If you are a local business, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park,  please contact me so we can post your business or organization (free).  The Great Glens Falls Region is a great place to visit, or relocate!


A       Area Code 518


  Adirondack Billiards & Video Game 197 Glen Street Glens Falls 798-5406
  Adirondack Car Wash (full service) 203 Broad Street Glens Falls 761-0430
  Adirondack Balloon Flights PO Box 65 Glens Falls 793-6342
  Adirondack Children's Troupe 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 793-8845
  Adirondack Family Movers

353 County Route 4

Hudson Falls 798-1972
  Adirondack Racing & Family Fun Center 1079 State Route 9 Queensbury 798-7860
  Adirondack Repertory Dance Theatre 126 Glen Street Glens Falls 761-0873
  Adirondack Sports Complex 326 Sherman Ave Queensbury 743-1088
  Adirondack Theatre Festival 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 796-7479
  Adirondack Voices (vocal performers)   Glens Falls 792-9659
  Aimie's Dinner & Movie 190-194 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-8181
  Amusement Parks Around Glens Falls      
  Adirondack Mall   Queensbury 793-2161

Adirondack Museum

  Adirondack Outlet Mall Route 9 Queensbury 793-2161
  Antique Store, The 21 E. Washington Street Glens Falls 321-3787
  Ballooning Adventures   Glens Falls 798-4143
  Banknorth Insurance Group   Glens Falls 793-2511
  Bare Bones Furniture (other locations in Saratoga & Rutland VT) 10 Sagamore Street Glens Falls 745-0207
  Businesses in Glens Falls      
  BQP Printing 6 Collins Dr Queensbury 793-4999
  Calvery Assembly of God     798-0850
  Chamber of Commerce      

Champman Museum

  Charles R. Wood Theater 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 798-9663
  Christ United Methodist     793-3468
  Church of the Messiah Episcopal     792-1560

City Hall

  City Park (picnic) Maple Street Glens Falls  

Civic Center, Glens Falls

One Civic Center Plaza Glens Falls 796-0366
  Congregation Shaaray Tefila     792-4945


  Contractors in Glens Falls Region      
  Cooper's Cave Ale Co. 2 Sagamore St Glens Falls 792-0007
  Cosmetic Junkies Boutique 137 Ridge Street Glens Falls 792-1886
  Crandall Library 251 Glens Street Glens Falls 792-6508
  Crandall Park (picnic/playground) Route 9 Glens Falls  
  Crislip's Bed & Breakfast

693 Ridge Road

Queensbury 793-6869

Cultural Experiences in Glens Falls

  Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery 164 Glen Street Glens Falls 743-9026
  Dean Color (printer) 1 Philo Ave Glens Falls 792-1884
  de Blasslis Chamber Music 161 Warren Street Glens Falls 793-0531


  East Field Pool (pool, playground, bathhouse) Dix Ave Glens Falls  
  Faith Tabernacle Baptist     798-5054
  Family Fun Center 1079 Route 9 Queensbury 798-7860
  Farmer's Market      
  First Church of Christ Scientist     792-4547
  First Presbyterian     793-2521

Fort William Henry

  French Mountain Commons (shopping)   Lake George 792-1483
  Fun Parks around Glens Falls      
  Fun Spot, The Route 9 Glens Falls 792-8989
  Glen Drive-In Cinema State Route 9 Queensbury 792-0023
  Glens Falls Community Theatre 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-1740
  Glens Falls Civic Center   Glens Falls 518-798-0202
  Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra   Glens Falls  

Golf Courses around Glens Falls

  Golf in the Park      
  Haviland's Cove (swim, playground, picnic) Bush Street Glens Falls  
  Home Improvement Gallery 10 Saratoga Ave S. Glens Falls 745-5097
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  In Home Computer Service c/o Peter Willette Glens Falls 744-9823
  Lake George Chamber Orchestra 161 Warren Street Glens Falls 792-8931
  Lake George Community Band @ Shepard's Park Glens Falls 793-5967
  Lake George Dinner Theatre      
  Lake George Shoreline      
  Lake George Opera      
  Lake George Plaza Outlet Center   Lake George 9494-5030
  Lake George Steamboat      
  Lemon Tree Yoga & Healing Arts Studio @ the Shirt Factory Glens Falls 301-3291
  Little Maestro Studio (child programs) 206 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-0260
  Livingston's Furniture   Glens Falls 793-2888
  Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd     792-7971
  Mahoney Alarms   Glens Falls 793-7788
  Majestic Balloon Flights 18 River Street Queensbury 761-2694
  Marinas in the Park      
  McCarthy & Conlon, LLP - CPA 96 Webster Ave Glens Falls 518-792-6668
  McPhillips Insurance 20 E. Washington Street Glens Falls 792-5841
  National Grid Power Corp. 636 Quaker Road Glens Falls 800-932-0301
  Places to stay in Glens Falls      
  Public Beach Crandall Park & Moreau Lake State Park    
  Queensbury, Town of (Dept)










  • Transfer Station, Ridge Road (518) 745-4479 and

    64 Luzerne Road, (518) 745-4478

    Town Clerk Office, 742 Bay Road, (518) 761-8234

    Zoning Admin, 742 Bay Road, (518) 761-8238

    Parks & Recreation, 742 Bay Road, (518) 761-8216

    Animal Control Officer, 742 Bay Road, (518) 761-8202
    Community Development Office
    742 Bay Road (518) 761-8220

    Housing, 742 Bay Road,(518) 761-8220

    Fire Marshal Office, 742 Bay Road, (518) 761-8206

    Animal Control, 742 Bay Road, (518) 761-8202

    Building & Codes Department, 742 Bay Road, (518) 761-8256

    Fire Departments: 

    North Queensbury Fire Company on Lake George

    Bay Ridge Volunteer Fire Company

    Queensbury Central Volunteer Fire Company

    West Glens Falls Fire Company

  Relocation Tools      
  Red Fox Books 28 Ridge Street Glens Falls 793-5352
  Regal Cinemas Aviation Mall Queensbury 793-3332 X482
  Rich Morin's Prof. SCUBA Center 20 Warren Street Glens Falls 761-0533
  St. Alphonsus     792-1572
  St. Mary's     792-0989
  Shirt Factory, The (art studios, shops, galleries & services) Lawrence & Cooper Street Glens Falls  
  Snow and Snowmobilers      
  Societies & Organizations      
  Spa Studio, The 11 Broad Street Glens Falls 792-5839
  Spas & Wellness Clinics      
  Sportfishing Charters 49 Webster Ave Glens Falls 793-7396

Sports in Glens Falls

  Sterling & Company (furniture) 203 Glen Street Glens Falls 745-6808
  Sutton's Furniture Route 9 Queensbury 518-798-0133
  T-Bar-T Sport Shop 1881 Bay Road Queensbury 793-1044

Tackett Chiropractic Center

19 Homer Avenue Queensbury 793-1205
  Temple Beth     792-4364
  Time Warner Cable 250 Ridge St Glens Falls 793-6688

West Mountain Ski Center

  Wilson's Yamaha Country 1043 Route 9 Queensbury  
  Wood Carte, The 1063 Route 9 Queensbury 518-973-7655

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