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Adirondack Fire Towers Directory


The last of the observers left their fire towers after 1990.  Many towers were abandoned, burned and removed.  Once recorded were 69 towers around the Adirondacks and Catskills.  Today, reports of only 28 left.  The below eight towers have been restored to public use and safety.  Please respect the restoration project and plan your day's hike carefully and with safety rules in mind at all times.  Brochures are available at the trailheads.  Be sure to bring your best camera!


 Belfry Mountain - 1 mile N of Witherbee on Cty Route 70.  Distance .6 miles RT. Elevation Gain: 120' Blue Moutain - Route 30, N of Blue Mtn. Lake, Distance .4 miles RT. Elevation Gain: 1550' Goodnow Mountain - Route 28N, W of Newcomb. Distance: 3.8 miles RT, Elevation Gain: 1040'
Hadley Mountain - Stony Creek Rd to Hadley Hill Rd to Tower Rd, Northwest of Lake Luzerne. Distance: 3.6 miles RT., Elevation Gain: 1525 Kane Mountain - Green Lk. Rd, off Route 10 N of Caroga Lake. Distance: 1.8 miles RT via East Trail. Elevation Gain: 620' Mount Arab - Conifer Rd, off Rt 3 W of Tupper Lake. Distance: 2 miles RT. Elevation Gain: 760'
Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain - Route 9, S of Keeseville (parking fee).  Distance: 2.4 miles RT.  Elevation gain: 1280' Snowy Mountain - Route 30, S of Indian Lake.  Distance: 8 miles RT. Elevation Gain: 2106'  


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